Tuesday, July 30, 2013

~~ " Oh Brother " ~~

 This art work was a labor of love..not hard work, not at all. It was so much fun to do, and was inspired by the beautiful works of well known artist Rose Lacefield of bb.flockling fame! http://bbflockling.blogspot.com I am always so inspired by her unique talents, her way of adding true "magic" into her pieces, and her storytelling abilities. I sent Rose a message telling her how she inspires me, and she knows how very much I love everything she creates. Although my work by no means compares to Roses , and I would never try to "copy" another artists work, I hope she smiles when she sees these, and is proud that her work inspires so many of us! I hope that you can feel just a little magic too! Thank you sweet Rose for all you inspire, and the magic you create. ~ Christel

                                                             ~~ "Oh Brother " ~~

It began quite simple enough, a normal summer Saturday morning. Millicent, or "Milli" as she was called, got up, ate breakfast, dressed her two very best "friends, Boo, and Critter, then picked out one of her many favorite snazzy outfits, and out the door she bolted!...and yes, just like every other Saturday, there was her little brother, William, or "Willie" as he was called, begging her, "can I ride your bike?"

Millicent was annoyed. Little Willie was always asking to ride her beautiful bike. He couldn't reach the pedals, could barely reach the handlebars, and had to use an old crate as a step to even get up on it and sit, but still, every Saturday, there he'd be, with those big sad eyes, asking..."can I ride your bike?"..and just like every Saturday Milli would say, "Willie, you are to small to ride my bike, you can't even reach the pedals yet!" "Oh 

Although annoyed with Willie at times, Millicent was a good big sister, careful not to make little Willie cry, by telling him, "one day he would be big enough, and then he could ride her bike." A simple little sentence, but a huge dream come true for little Willie! Milli always felt a little sad when she left to ride her bike to grandmas house. Leaving little Willie there on the back porch steps, with his best bear buddy Theodore seemed like the best solution she could provide most days.

So off she went, Milli, Boo and Critter. Next stop grandma Rubys house! It was a journey she knew well. Down the long dirt lane, around the corner, cross Mr.Greens pasture, (being ever so mindful of where that bull might be grazing) pass that rickety old fence,around uncle Wilburs barn,  and yes! grandmas back yard, her pretty flower garden, and we are there, grandmas back porch! Milli could smell the shortbread cookies..mmm. Grandma always sprinkled a little extra sugar on Milli and Willis cookies!

Milli was always a good sister, thinking about poor little Willie, at home on the back porch, waiting for her to return, so she made sure to bring back sugar cookies for him every trip! After they had eaten the cookies, Milli would let Willie help her wash her beautiful bike! It was hand painted, all pretty, tied with bows, and ribbons, painted stripes, and polka dots! ("one can never have too many polka dots!") and the best part, was that Milli had done it all by herself! She had fastened two baskets on the back, one for Boo, and one for Critter, so that they could go along with her!  Long ribbons and streamers trailed along behind them, making their mark as she traveled.

Even though it was a pretty summer day, this Saturday was different. Milli could not get poor little William off of her mind, his sad little eyes looking up at her, and his sweet little voice asking.."can I ride your bike?" Milli felt sad that she always had to leave her brother behind.."Oh Brother"she sighed ..


Milli wondered what she could do..could she fastsen another basket to her bike? One big enough to carry little Willie? No, that would never fit..maybe a wagon to pull behind? No, she couldn't possibly pull a wagon and Boo and Critter too!..."oh Brother"  what could she do?

Just then, as she rounded the corner, to go back home, she remembered the little old scooter...the one uncle Wilbur had ridden when he was just a little boy, the one that was still in the corner of his barn! It had been there as long as Milli could remember, and even years before she was a sparkle in her mommas eye! Surely, uncle Wilbur would let her have it for little Willie..and, there was a small wagon in the barn too..it had a hens nest in it, but we could ask her to move..surely she wouldn't mind..aww but Milli forgot, the wagon had a broken wheel! "....Oh Brother"

Milli told uncle Wilbur about poor Willie, and how she was sad to leave him at home every Saturday, and uncle Wilbur was happy to help Milli, he even fixed the broken wheel on the tiny wagon too!Milli cleaned the little scooter as best she could, she even painted some polka dots on it for Willie! ("one can never have too many polka dots!") Milli was so happy, with uncle Wilburs help, she had found a way to make little Willies dream come true! As she strolled into the yard pulling his brand new, old scooter Willies eyes were as big as saucers!! He saw his dream! It was a bike, just for him!

"Oh Milli, is that for me?" My very own bike? " Milli said, "yes Willie, it is your very own scooter, and a wagon so Theodore can ride along too!" "Uncle Wilbur and I  fixed it up just for you!" Unce Wilbur fixed the rusty old wagon wheel, so it rolls good as new, and I painted your handle bars..and just a few polka dots too! ("you know, one can never have too many polka dots!") Without hesitation, little Willie ran to the scooter, carrying Theodore along, placing him in the wagon. Then he ran back over to his big sister Milli, and gave her a big hug, and a big wet kiss on her cheek,and said "oh sister' you are the bestest big sister in the whole wide world!"  then Milli said once again....."Oh Brother" :)

Milli and Willie are available now on ebay! Thanks so much for coming to visit!

 xoxox Christel