Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Brand new year is coming fast!

This week I really mixed it up a bit, from the traditional New Years Baby, to twin FaeWees, a bunny girl,a couple of dollhouse scale minatures,  and a flying pig!..yes I know I am stretching it..haha but it's so much fun! all are available on ebay now! xoxox Christel  SOLD

Monday, December 20, 2010

~ Snow Birds ~

This is my winter fairy, an Asian faerie and two white doves, resting in the snowcovered hedge.  She is available now on ebay. ~ xoxo Christel ~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here come this weeks FaeWees!

I hope that title doesn't make some of you think oh many can this woman make? will no doubt see MANY MANY FaeWees this upcoming year. I plan to list FaeWees in sets of two, or even sometimes three, if the scene should call for more than for the FaeWees listed tonight on ebay, First up we have little Calvert, an inquisitive little boy, who should be a bit more careful, but the shiny things just attract him so much, he has no worries of getting caught in the trinket box! Next up is little Tinnah, she's a lot like Calvert, attracted to the shiny things, and wants to take all of them with her! Third in line is JuJu and Laurette, they are waiting on the mail, and will be sold as a set! Next up, my little gardener, Maurethe..isn't she just sweet? Fifth in line is Lucas, he holds a lock and key, but is still searching for a "treasure " worth locking up! Lastly, A firey little red head who  is a hamm for the camera! Meet little Zetti, she wants to be a model! I hope you enjoy them.  xxoxox FaeWee Blessings, Christel

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sugarland - Oh Come Emmanuel - CMA Country Christmas

Although some of you may not be country music fans, the message is here, loud and clear. The first Christmas I sang in the choir at 11 years old, I sang this song at our church during midnight was one of my favorite memories as a child at Christmas..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday night funnies..the FaeWees!

 Hello dear friends, I have a few more FaeWee friends to introduce you to.  First, here on the left is little Abigail, a bit timid and shy, she is still a bit too scared to venture too far, or too high! She prefers crawling on the ledge, instead of standing. Then we have Marshall, and his trusty stead..snail. I created several little items for Marshall to carry with him, a pot, and cup, a rope..what adventurous  traveler wouldn't need a rope! And he has a bed roll and lantern to light his way should they be out after dark!

 Here you see little Allie, so sweet! She has found something..not quite sure what it is exactly, but very sure it is something the other FaeWees will need and want! Beside Allie, is my personal favorite this week, little Palo, and his pet, Cob. I think his little face is darling.

Here we have Miss Hannah, a very free spirited little FaeWee girl, who just refuses to wear her shoes! She thinks they are bothersome!   Next to Hannah, is a funny looking character I have named...SLIM! He is in fact very slim, and tall, and admired by FaeWees far and is a common dream to be "bigger"  (smiles)

Last, but certainly never least a beautiful illustration by my dear new friend Anita I could not leave this little beauty out. Aren't her drawings just delightful? I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful hang tag, as well as a prized ticket to the theatre production on 12/18 at  Nowhere! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I feel like queen for a day!

 I have had a terrific day here at blog land..let me tell you, my day definitely did not start out good. I had no less than 14 packages of car parts to box, and ship. The bad thing was, these were very heavy parts, and I had to make the boxes..we could not find any that would work, and be sturdy enough! What a job that was. You could not pay me to do this job! I think I've had it too easy..haha I laugh now, but ended up with my back hurting from a pinched nerve from the heavy lifting. so now, litterally, this was a pain in the butt!..ok so now we progress into the late morning, and the mail arrives! Oh my, did my luck ever change! Inside this beautiful box were treasure sent from my favorite curly haired friend sweet ,sweet, Jackie of Once Upon A Fairyland! Some of you may know Jackie, for those of you whom have not yet been completely enchanted, please go see her, and explore her magical Fairyland. It is a trip you will not regret!  FAIRYLAND  I was the very lucky winner of one of her fabulous giveaways! Thank you so much Jackie, I am still just overwhelmed at all the very special items you tucked into this pretty box!

 As you see here, the box itself was a very nice gift! I love this pattern, and the colors are truly me!
In this photo you see this wonderful little replica of a Fairyland gnome house! She sent to me, a little piece of her, how  great is that?

Wonderful little ornaments, the train, the nutcracker the kittens, and mittens, and even a tiny plate made of tin!

these two pieces of  material, with fabulous prints..look at the little giggling gnomes..I just love it!

Pictures from Fairyland past, a tiny sweet gnome puzzle piec, a sweet little bunny card, and Mother Goose herself! Can you believe all the great things packed into one box?

Special little notes, and a prayer...I will hold these things dearly, and the wooden bookmarks, so sweet.

A boxed puzzel of a beautiful little  thatched enchanting
 A Tiny little fairy land tin, and inside it held a tiny key, a carriage, and these pretty refrigerator magnents!

 assorted papers, and very interesting all of these are! They are all fairytale characters! Love Humpty!
This beautiful little frosted egg was my favorite thing I think, inside are Beatrix Potters bunnies! so magical, I love this, it is on my tree, proudly displayed! Thank you Jackie! I was thrilled when I opened my very wonderful gift from you, and am still! What a great person you are to take such time, and thought into the perfect little things, I love them all! xoxox Christel

Saturday, December 4, 2010

tiny sugar plum fairy ornaments

Hello everyone. I have created Christmas tree ornaments this week! I was inspried by my first creation, The large sculpt of a Sugar Plum Fairy, and now here we have these tiny dancers! I have shown the last photo so you can see the size. I'm sure Kai will love these, she just adores Christmas! I hope you all like my new look on the banner, The snowflakes, and burning candle are courtesy of Madame Samm over at SEw I Quilt great place to visit, ans see all the wonderful creations. Thank you Samm!