Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday night funnies..the FaeWees!

 Hello dear friends, I have a few more FaeWee friends to introduce you to.  First, here on the left is little Abigail, a bit timid and shy, she is still a bit too scared to venture too far, or too high! She prefers crawling on the ledge, instead of standing. Then we have Marshall, and his trusty stead..snail. I created several little items for Marshall to carry with him, a pot, and cup, a rope..what adventurous  traveler wouldn't need a rope! And he has a bed roll and lantern to light his way should they be out after dark!

 Here you see little Allie, so sweet! She has found something..not quite sure what it is exactly, but very sure it is something the other FaeWees will need and want! Beside Allie, is my personal favorite this week, little Palo, and his pet, Cob. I think his little face is darling.

Here we have Miss Hannah, a very free spirited little FaeWee girl, who just refuses to wear her shoes! She thinks they are bothersome!   Next to Hannah, is a funny looking character I have named...SLIM! He is in fact very slim, and tall, and admired by FaeWees far and is a common dream to be "bigger"  (smiles)

Last, but certainly never least a beautiful illustration by my dear new friend Anita I could not leave this little beauty out. Aren't her drawings just delightful? I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful hang tag, as well as a prized ticket to the theatre production on 12/18 at  Nowhere! 

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