Monday, October 5, 2009

more oddities


here I have the oddities, the freaks, the animals, and creatures. Each is very unique, some sweet, some weird, some perhaps a bit frightening! All were created without molds of any kind. All sold on eBay, or to private collectors.I am proud to say my dolls are now in 7 countries, and three galleries! I have created nearly 400 sculptures to date, and sold 320! I plan to improve my skills, and continue creating for many years to come.

Greenman completed 10-03-09

For those of you who know what a greenman is, he is self explanatory, for the others, I am certain he is quite strange, and perhaps even disturbing to some.. The greenmen were symbols of a flourshing earth, verility, abundance. He is the "Father Nature" if you will. This greeman and tree were created using polymer clay, without the use of molds of any kind. He was sculpted over a strong wire armature. He would be aprox 8 inches tall if he were standing.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

....and more babies

babies, and fairy babies, who doesn't love babies!

This is Chrissy, she is one of my very favorite dollhouse scale sculpts. She was created in 2008. I named her Chrissy, because after her completion, my husband said that she looked like she became Chrissy

This is Carrie, a nostalgic little darling sculpted the summer of 2009. She is aprox. 1' scale, has tiny sculpted cream MaryJanes, and a vintage style muslin dress.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Christels Tinkerbelle

What could be more fitting to introduce some of my fairy creations than Tinkerbell herself? Certainly one if not the most popular fairy of them all! Tinkerbell is one of my most recent sculpts She has been entered in Septembers International Art Doll Register Contest She is also for sale presently on eBay!

The little souls

This is Greer, she is one of my personal favorites. It seems that most days the little souls help me along, with the creating, and even the name! Greer was sculpted, waiting patiently for clothing, hair and make up, as well as a setting, for several days, still with no name. As her sweet little face came to life with artist paints, her name came as well! She stayed here at my studio for two weeks before I could bear to let her go, her dark thoughtful eyes speak volumes! She is such a sweet little soul...

New journeys

Hello,thank you so much for taking the time visit, and welcome to my very first journal. My name is Christel Hutson. I am a self taught art doll creator, working with polymer clay, and mixed media. I live, love and work from home in Kentucky. I am a happily married mother of five, grandmother of 6! My husband, Andy is a self employed Owner Operator in the trucking industry. He is a motivated hard working family man, and is so happy that I found sculpting, as it is so fulfilling for me.

I have been creating dolls for many years, but began with cloth dolls, crudely made on an old sewing machine I had little knowledge of. They were very folk art oriented, and were just for fun, but I enjoyed it so very much. I have been working with this medium for just over two years now. Every day is a journey of learning, creating and fufillment for me. I am so very passionate about sculpting, that I know this will be a huge part of my life from here on. I cannot imagine a day without dollmaking! I am striving to create beautiful creations, and try my very best to improve my skills with each new piece.My dolls are unique, original, all One of a kind creations. Thank you for your interest in me, and my work.