Thursday, October 1, 2009

New journeys

Hello,thank you so much for taking the time visit, and welcome to my very first journal. My name is Christel Hutson. I am a self taught art doll creator, working with polymer clay, and mixed media. I live, love and work from home in Kentucky. I am a happily married mother of five, grandmother of 6! My husband, Andy is a self employed Owner Operator in the trucking industry. He is a motivated hard working family man, and is so happy that I found sculpting, as it is so fulfilling for me.

I have been creating dolls for many years, but began with cloth dolls, crudely made on an old sewing machine I had little knowledge of. They were very folk art oriented, and were just for fun, but I enjoyed it so very much. I have been working with this medium for just over two years now. Every day is a journey of learning, creating and fufillment for me. I am so very passionate about sculpting, that I know this will be a huge part of my life from here on. I cannot imagine a day without dollmaking! I am striving to create beautiful creations, and try my very best to improve my skills with each new piece.My dolls are unique, original, all One of a kind creations. Thank you for your interest in me, and my work.

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