Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here come this weeks FaeWees!

I hope that title doesn't make some of you think oh many can this woman make? will no doubt see MANY MANY FaeWees this upcoming year. I plan to list FaeWees in sets of two, or even sometimes three, if the scene should call for more than for the FaeWees listed tonight on ebay, First up we have little Calvert, an inquisitive little boy, who should be a bit more careful, but the shiny things just attract him so much, he has no worries of getting caught in the trinket box! Next up is little Tinnah, she's a lot like Calvert, attracted to the shiny things, and wants to take all of them with her! Third in line is JuJu and Laurette, they are waiting on the mail, and will be sold as a set! Next up, my little gardener, Maurethe..isn't she just sweet? Fifth in line is Lucas, he holds a lock and key, but is still searching for a "treasure " worth locking up! Lastly, A firey little red head who  is a hamm for the camera! Meet little Zetti, she wants to be a model! I hope you enjoy them.  xxoxox FaeWee Blessings, Christel

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