Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Alice in Wonderland Cast! A funny Birthday Story!!

These are the dolls I keep promising to show, but could not till now! These were all comissioned by a wonderful man in Germany for his special lady as a birthday gift! Wow, where was this guy when I was looking?..just kidding. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARIN!!!., here, in order as I created them are, The Mad Hatter, Alice, The White Queen, the Chesire Cat, the Red Queen, the White Rabbit, Tweetledee, and Tweetledum, the Doormouse, The March Hare, and as a special gift from me, I created the Hookah smoking Caterpillar for Karin! I hope you all love them, I had so much fun creating these dolls, and communicating with the buyer. He was a pleasure to deal with!! XOXO Christel  ALL dolls pictured in this post are previously SOLD  with the exception of the 1st rabbit pictured, which will be offered on ebay soon!
an added note, after I created these, I told dear Mr. Ludwig that I might recreate a few of the pieces, but not to worry, they would of course still be all original One Of A Kind, since no molds are used ect, and so I did recreate the white rabbit, only this time he was wearing a blue coat, and a different shirt and vest, and his pocket watch was a bit different as well. I also created a full base for him. Now comes the funny part, little did I know, this special lady would visit ebay, She saw the second rabbit, pictured above, and said she would like to have it, and wanted to bid on this second rabbit, all the while she was unaware that she already owned a rabbit!..long story short, she bid, and won white rabbit # 2! Of course He was so very kind, and bought it as well! We worked out a suitable comprimise, and traded another sculpt for the first rabbit, pictured in the brown leather coat, which will be offered on ebay soon! I promised to keep all the dolls a secret, but only after I had already posted Alice for a few short hours, and he messaged me with his plan of a birthday surprise! So, I very quickly stole Alice away from my blog, some of you may have seen her, I know Karin did in fact see her, and told her husband about her as well! wwhheeww am I ever glad the secrets out, and I hope Karins birthday was a huge surprise! It was a blast for me!..now I am recreating a scale size Alice, I will be posting pictures of her soon, along with Mr White Rabbit number 1!!! xoxo Christel

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