Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Request , to my dear blog friends.

 I have a dear friend whom I met through my dolls. She is a wonderful person who is very ill with lung problems. I  am always trying to think of little ways to make her life just a bit happier, because she has made my life SO much better for knowing her! Her name is Kathleen, and I am asking that you, my blog friends please say a prayer for her recovery.When thinking of a picture to add to this post I thought of yet another dear friend, Karin, a gentle, beautiful person, and a small framed angel she sent me! It is pictured here. I am very blessed to know so many truly wonderful people ! My blog followers are among those! ~Thank you, xoxo Christel  UPDATE!!Thank you all so much for your prayers, Kathleen is beginning to feel much better! God Bless you all, xoxox Christel

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