Thursday, June 3, 2010

WIP Male Woodland Fairy

This is my Work In Progress, He has already given me his name, Garrett, He will be a woodland Fairy standing on a rock formation overlooking the forest. Garrett is 8 inches total height.  Do you like his wings? These are actual Lunar Moth wings! not green you say? true, I have applied a coat of translucent liquid sculpey clay over the entire wing, which turned it a nice woodland sable tan! I love his wings, and thus far, am very pleased with his youthful only if the rest of him will cooperate so well! back soon with further updates on his progress. xoxo Christel

ok now I have started his face painting using Genesis Heat Set Oils in very light layers, he will have a slight hint of facial hair when finished. I sculpted his boots, from a mix of prosculpt, genesis paints, translucent sculpey and finished them with Genesis Heat Set Oil colors. His body is coming along, but I will need to take his righ shouldre down a bit, it looks to large, and I am not sure how his arm will be positioned   wish me luck! Thanks so much for watching Garrett come to life! xoxo Chistel

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