Sunday, July 18, 2010

Male WIP Updates...and Finished Male!

nope, not this hair...and definately not this hair... he looks like a cockatoo..haha not happening either...the black isn't working for me either...hmmmshall we try bald? no, not for this young man..wild hair it must be!

let me tell you friends, this male has given me a run for my money so to speak. I know it sounds a bit looney, but sometimes these beings have a mind of there own, and decide what, and who they are! I began with the thought that he would be a woodland traveler, an explorer, with dark hair. I even created a compass, and telescope  for him to carry...that didn't quite work, then I thought perhaps Pats suggestion would be terrific, a warrior type male complete with snakeskin clothing..I began creating his colthing from a very cool real snakeskin I have here that my grandson Howard found and gave me. ..I even created a bow, arrows, and a spear for the warrior..that didn't quite work out either..I felt like his face appeared to feminine, so I added a bit of facial hair, and hair color that was not even tried here as pictured, and the snakeskin..well he became a totally different man than what I had in mind, none like I have ever done before..I can't wait to show you more..but for now I will keep you guessing..he even told me his name!  xoxox Christel

Ok I have finished him...As it turned out he was a rocker, in fact a drummer, and wanted his solo I present..VIPER! haha He was a lot of fun creating. He looks like a mix of Ted Nugent, Tommy Lee, and Bret Michaels all rolled into one cool dude..well at least I hope you think so. He wears tattoos, and real snakeskin tights! as well as the leather, we can't forget the leather..haha The snakeskin has been sealed with clear lacquer for those of you who might say  eewww..! (wink)

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