Sunday, August 1, 2010

Awards !

This morning, I awoke to find that a very sweet friend from down under had given me this Sunshine Award! What a great way to start my Sunday! Thank you so much for thinking of me Sandi. As you know I am always in awe of your super talent, and beautiful bears. Each is so unique, and wonderful. Your cloth dolls always make me smile! Please visit Sandi at  http;//

this is the newly refurbished Award..of course I had to change it to a butterfly! not that the sunshine daisy wasn't great, but who doesn't love butterflies?
Rules of the award;
1  copy the award and post it to your blog , and post the rules
2 nominate 6 people
3 tell the 6 of your gift on your blog
4 post a link to those 6 blogs
5 thank the person who gave you the award, and post a link to that blog as well

Now when thinking of ONLY 6 to nominate, I had a lot of trouble. I could easily nominate 40 from my follwers, probably more! so I hope in the future, I will receive yet another award so I can include more, wonderful, talented people.
When thinking of sunshine, I think of things, or people who make my life brighter, so in no particular order, I would like to nominate
1 Angela from http;// Angela and I have been friends for a couple of years. She is always so sweet, and kind. She has helped me figure things out on several occassions, and countless times, sent me "bonus" packages just to be her sweet self. She is so very creative, making GREAT ooak wings for ooak doll artists. She is also a sculptor, bear maker, doll maker, and so very creative! I love her tiny vintage looking bears, just  about 4 inches tall, so CUTE. So Angela, please except this award from me, my friend, and thank you for always being there for me! xoxo Christel
2. Madame Samm of    http;// oh Samm, what can I say? I know you just received this award from Sandi as well, but I cannot give out awards, and not include you! You are a great friend, a mentor, a smart cookie, ( one more reason to love you), ever so talented, and creative. Your dolls got me hooked on your blog, then I actually talked to you, and have not looked back since. The quilts..OH MY AMAZING!!  well, anything you do is perfection.. You have helped me so much with decisions about my work, my, you designed my blog, which I LOVE still! For any of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Samm, please pop in and say hi, you won't regret it! Thank you Samm, Love Christel

3. Cheryl, of http;//  Cheryl, I have seen the sunshine through your dolls! Your mammy dolls are so unique, and simply awesome. The stories you write when posting the dolls is always such a complete pleasure to read, and you seem to be blossoming this summer, I wish only the best for you, and your sweet mammy dolls Cheryl, there is definately a place in the art world for you, and them! you are a joy! xoxox Christel
4.Jess, sweet Jess of  http;//   yes, dear, I know you have an award free blog, but I don't care, I can't leave you out! I can ALWAYS find a smile in everything you post, everything you create, and in you! You are a little ray of sunshine, with a little scorch here and there..(I love that about you by the way)  Your dolls are sweet as they can be, and  you are a delight! I am glad we are friends, and am happy to say so! xoxo Love ya, Christel
5.Penny, such a kind, and sweet soul of   http;//  Penny your beautiful painting, and encouragement inspire me daily. I am always so glad to see a message left from you Please visit Penny if you have not had the pleasure of talking to her, or seeing the beautiful art work she creates, Bebe might be there as well to welcome you! The tiny mice Penny creates are SO personable, and a pure delight! Thank you for being you Penny, a sweeter person does not exist! xoxo Christel
6. My very dear friend, Pat of http;//  Oh how wonderfully talented you are! I cannot imagine a day in your life Pat. I know how very busy you must be, with a husband, and seven beautiful children, a farm full of animals, your dolls, your marionette theatre, your pottery..all are amazing, and still you find time for me, and many of us lucky ones! Pat, thank you for being my friend, my mentor, and a light in my day, God shines through you! Love, Christel

 I know 6 is the number to nominate, and I have done so, but also want to give a special thank you to my very dear friend Kathleen, who does not have a blog, but does visit, and is an avid doll collector. Katt, you are a constant source of inspiration in my life, a trusted friend, and confidant, a "real" person I can relate to every day. Thank you for always being there for me my friend, Love Christel

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