Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~ SAM~ and ~ CLARY~

I started out creating little Clary as a dollhouse miniature, and she is true 1:12 scale at 3 3/4 total height, with slender little limbs, but as she got dressed, she emerged as yet another FaeWee! She could easily still be incorporated into a victorian style dollhouse, as she has human ears, a victorian style dress, as well as braided up do hairstyle,and her funny hat is removeable.  Madame Samm, I know you will appreciate this pretty little pincushion chair. I re-upholstered it with this plush velour. It was a gift for dollmaking, from my dear friend Kathleen.  who by the way sends me SSSOOOO many tiny treasures, you would not believe the things she has sent me! (Thank you Katt xoxoxo)  and then we have little Sam, he is a thinker, and I titled the piece "On the Fence"..fitting? don't you think?
 These two FaeWee auctions will begin Tuesday night at 6 pm central. Thank you for stopping in. xoxoxo FaeWee Blessing, Christel 

Both Sam, and Clary have sold and will be joining my friend,  wonderful collector in Switzerland! Thank you Sibylle.

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