Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Blog look!

       I love this photo taken in Austria ( my grandfathers birth country)

Hello friends! As many of you probably know, and some of you may not, the great and powerful all knowing Oz of bloglandia has chosen to change things up a bit, and as I am told, we can no longer use our own html backgrounds, or side borders. So, my magical, beautiful butterflies have flown away that my dear sweet friend Samm created just for me! Never fear Samm says, for she has once again came to my rescue, and magically transformed my blog page! It is still A Far Place, still very enchanted, and magical, and the FaeWees are still here. I hope you like the look of my blog page, and you still feel that something special is here, when you step inside. Thank you Madame Samm, you are such a great friend, I appreciate you taking your quilting time to rescue me once again!  xoxox Love Christel         Please visit Samm here: Sew I Quilt

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