Sunday, October 24, 2010

FaeWees on ebay tonight.

Pictured from top to bottom; Oleta, the FaeWee elder who loves to cook, and has baked a sweet potato pie for the FaeWee children! Then please meetNolan, he is Niles' little brother, who loves to climb on the books in the study. Next up we have Jules, she is the big sister to Frankie, they both love playing in the kitchen, and can usually be found in the cream and sugar!  Next we have little o"Livee  she is a smart little FaeWee girl, who spend nearly every free minute either reading, or listening to the elder FaeWee stories with her only friend, Dearly. Pictured last is Dearly, a commissioned FaeWee who loves to read, and always takes her favorite book with her wherever she goes!  xoxox Christel Have a great week everyone thank you for stopping by.

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