Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Grown Twins Cate & Cole

some of you maight in the heck is she making these dolls so fast?..well, I'm not! Most of these (with the exception of Cate And Cole) were made over the past few weeks, since I started this series. I have just been a bit lax in my blog posting, and have posted a lot  in a short that's the real reason so many dolls are showing up all at once! I just love these two! I dressed them just like I used to dress my own twins, Jake and Jamie, when they were wee sprouts! I found that I could easily make little matching ourfits, but one suitable for a girl, and one a boy, and so many people would say.."where did you ever find such cute little matching outfits?..teehee of course Jake and Jamie..(now 21) look at old pictures and say..oh mom..why did you dress us alike?  anyway, I hope you like Cate & Cole, they are on ebay now! xoxox Christel

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