Saturday, June 4, 2011

~ Jhune~ Male Faerie

This is an 8 inch sculpt I just completed, aand will have listed on ebay starting Sunday night at 8 pm central. I have named him Jhune (June) I was trying to create a more elven-like face, a bit more unique, and feminine, I'm not sure if he is, but he does look different than most of my male sculpts. He is also dark skinned, which I have not tried before.on a large sculpt. I found it VERY sticky, and hard to keep smooth, but all in all, it was a great learning experience, and Jhune turned out pretty well. His wings are real moth wings, we refer to them here in Kentucky as tobbacco flies, because they can often be found at twilight near or on the tobbacco blooms. I coated them with fimo clear gel, and remarkably, they are quite durable, and pretty! Have a great week everyone, thank you for stopping in to take a peek at Jhune. XOXO Christel

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