Monday, June 27, 2011

Update Hello Friends!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to put a little update here for those who may be wondering. First of all, thank you all so very much for your messages, and prayers, I appreciate them so much. I am doing well, my distant sight was fully restored..I am elated about that, but now I am having to wear readers for reading of course, and for might think no biggie right?I was wearing strong readers all the time before surgery, but working very close to my face... Well, so far it is proving to be more than challenging for me to sculpt. The implant that was put in my eye  is causing quite a different kind of feeling, hard to describe, but it feels as if my eye lid is sticking to my eye, and eye is quivering all the time. I know it is very soon, and I am pushing things...this is  my downfall, expecting too much too soon..well hoping for too much too soon I guess is better way to say it. I am praying that with further healing, I will not need the reading glasses as much. I am so used to working right in front of my close as 5 inches, that now working at a level where the readers will let me focus is at  about 16 inches from my face, and my depth perception is still way I am frustrated, but hopeful. The colors and definition I am able to see at a distance now is nothing short of amazing! I am no longer a danger while driving..thank God! I have discovered that since I can see the photos of the dolls I have created,...MANY of those  were NOT  how I saw them, not as good as I saw them, not as smooth, nor as cohisive as I percieved, I hope and pray this will improve. No matter what happens, I will continue to create dolls, and learn with each new endeavor, and also continue to learn from my friends, and mentors.You have no idea how important many of you have been in my journey, from where I started in Sept of 07',  to where I am now, and where I hope to grow!  XOXOX Christel

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