Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fantasy Pod WIP

HI everyone, hope you are all having a great week. Just thought perhaps some of you would like to see some WIP photos. I have been working on this fantasy pod, and am near completion with is turning out much to my liking, and near exactly as I had envisioned it..not a regular thing for sure..but always welcome! I first took an old piece of barn wood measuring 5x5 square, and drilled two holes into it. Then I inserted two brass rods, and epoxied them into a strong sturdy position...after they dreind completely, I began to add my "tree" pieces..Three distinct branches, created from a floral arrangement, I had dismantled long we now have a funny looking, "tree on a piece of wood..I then created my pod from foil, and tape, shaping into the hammock it will become, as well as thickening the tree base with foil root system.I then covered it, as well as part of the tree base with regular white sculpey, and sculpted some design details into the swirls, bark impressions ect..ok bake at 275* for about twenty is turning a bit worries, it will be painted anyway. Next step, layers, and layers of copper, silver, raw sienna,, burnt umber, sage green, and taupe/gray.  Highlight with pewter, and bronze metallic acrylic paint, seal with clear lacquer, let dry overnight... Next step was to embellish the entire Pod Tree..I added colored sand, faux sea weed, string, moss, and fuzzy yarn, then gave it a  little bling with bright green glitter in a few spots! What do you think?..look like a comfy spot for a fairy nap?...I hope so!!  This piece is 5 and 1/2 inches at it's widest point, and stands 14 inches tall to the tip of the tallest branch. I have begun sculpting the fairy..more updates to come! Thank you for following, I hope I can keep it interesting for my readers! Have a great day, xoxo Christel

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