Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birds of a feather...

 I am so proud of my itty bitty daughter in law..Amanda! .I say itty bitty because shes a tiny little thing..a big wind would take her away!...but she's BIG in the talent department!! Look what she made! This beautiful, realistic barn owl! He is aprox 7 inches tall, perched on a real branch out of our walnut tree. She hand sculpted him over a foil armature, and did his feathers one by one..adding them in layers. She used regular white sculpey..which I find VERY diffucult to make anything out of..I am so impressed with her! I didn't help her at all..nadda, nothing!, and..she has never sculpted or created with clay before. I gave her a set of 8 mm eyes..and she made this! Painted with acrylics, and was a gift for my daughter Jamie Lee, who loves owls..Jamie was so excited, and thrilled to have such a beautiful owl.  I think we have some competition girls! I am going to be showing more of Amandas work, as well as listing a few things for her on my ebay..wish her luck! xoxo Christel

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