Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Miniature Barn Owl #2 by Manna

No, you are not seeing double..ha ha This is the second piece Manna has sculpted, and it is just as terrific as the first!    BUT...she did this one less than half the size of the first! This beautiful Owl is only  a little over three inches tall. I just love it, I'm sure you will too. I have listed this piece on my ebay for her, and she is asking a very modest starting price for such a detailed and tiny piece! Wish her luck! Thanks so much for your encouragement ladies..and gents) We appreciate it so all remember what it's like to be a (newbie) right?  I do, and truly appreciate the love shown her way! I am so thrilled with her work, and excited for her. Have a great day everyone. xoxo Christel

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