Thursday, February 23, 2012

New FaeWees

wow, what a frustrating morning here at blogger! I tried uploading my photos as I have always done, only to find that I have no storage in my picassa web album..ok so I go delete some photos, and try again, no luck, now they want money to upgrade my account on picassa, for more storage..ggrrr This is not something I am willing to spend yet more money on. I try to keep the starting cost of my dolls down, and feel pretty comfortable with that, but everyone seems to be standing in line with their hand out these days. The "new and improved" blogger interface is not improved by my standards at all. It is causing me stress, any of us need more stress. I simply wanted to show a couple of photos to my friends here in blog land, and tell you about three new FaeWees I have listed on ebay! now, this brings me happiness, and smiles, and less stress! Hope you all enjoy them. Just wanted to also say welcome to many new followers. I hope you will bear with me while I figure this blog blunder out. I apologize if some photos are missing, I deleted more than I wanted to. Have a great day, Christel

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