Monday, May 7, 2012

Portrait of a young Comanche Boy ~ Two Feathers~

This doll was inspired by my friend Kai, a Comanche Indian many of us know, and just love! From the time I first met Kai, I have wanted to create an American Indian, but not just any Native American, a Comanche! I hope she thinks I did a good job! I studied many photos of little Comanche Warriors, and the clothing. I created his clothing from real leather,  beading, and real feathers. I hand scraped (tanned) the leather myself, to get it thin what a job! I straightened Tibetan Lambs wool many many times to get the look of real Native Indian is gorgeous..I am envious of the cheek bones, and the hair!
I am offering him on ebay now!
                              This is the little warrior I created....

                                                                          ~ Two Feathers ~


tinypearl5758 said...

"WOW" Gorgeous. xxx

Johanna said...

Christel, he is beautiful. Well done!

Ascension said...

Christel, yo creo que es uno de tus mejores trabajos.
Has conseguido que parezca absolutamente real.
Me encanta el tono de piel y las facciones de su carita.
La ropa absolutamente genial.

My Grama's Soul said...

This little guy is spectacular



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I've not seen really good quality Native American dolls since the ones my aunt used to make.

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