Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~ Adian ~ Woodland Forest Male Fairy

eBay Auction starts tonight at 6 pm central.

I am going to visit some of my blog friends, have a great week everyone! xoxo Christel


maddyrose said...

Adian is a most handsome fairy. His wings are beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your week. xoxox

Christel said...

Hi Maddy, thanks so much..believe it or not, I made his wings from an ordinary piece of white printer paper..the cicada wing was printed of course, but then I added pearlex powders, and fimo clear gel..I love these wings too, and am probably going to use this type more often! Thanks so much for visiting, I will be over to see you soon! Christel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Warm greetings my dear friend.

Adian is outstanding! You made the wings of printer paper? Wow! You are really something you know it?
I love his pose.. This has to be very difficult.. Beautiful workmanship Christel.
I hope all is going well at home.
You know, your new listings are still not showing on my blog list, so if I do not check, I miss it!
Sorry I am late in getting here.
Love and blessings,

Christel said...

Dear Penny, I Really appreciate your visits, and they are never late, always right on time, in order to make my day brighter! I am going to see what you are up to, I did see a listing on ebay the other day..I just love that little "cinderella" carriage, and mousie! xoxox Christel