Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Sugar Plum Fairy"

A Far Place, and artist Christel Hutson bring you The Sugar Plum Fairy, a Special Edition piece created for 2012 Holiday Season only! Hi Friends! I know, it's a bit early,..but I want whomever may win this doll to be able to enjoy her for at least the entire Holiday Season! I am really excited to list her, she is the fourth Sugar Plum Fairy I have created, each very different of course. I plan to create The Sugar Plum Fairy, as well as The Little Match Seller every Christmas Season, and offer them as Special Editions on Ebay..thanks for taking the time to read about her, I simply copied and pasted from my ebay listing..lazy me haha 

Created over a strong wire armature, using Prosculpt, and baked per manufacturers specs. No molds of any kind were used during her creation, and no molds were taken from her, making her a true one of a kind. 
The Sugar Plum Fairy stands 9 inches tall on her base. She has Beautiful long honey blonde Tibetan lambs hair loosely weaved with gold cording, and braided. Her dress was created using shimmering plum, and gold organza, trimmed in gold braided cord. She wears ballet slippers created from real white leather, coated with pearl ex powders, in fuchsia, and gold ultra fine glitter. Her tie ups were created using silk ribbon in cream. She has been painted using Genesis Heat Set Oils. I have initialed and dated the upper base of her neck in the back. 
She features my one of a kind large wings as well. These wings are beautiful in the light, are made of clear lacquer coated printed paper, in hues of plum and green golds, I have also coated them with ultra fine pearl ex powders in russet Blue, as well as given each wing veining using clear fimo gel. They are bendable, and can be posed as you like, as well as removable. She can be a fairy, or a ballet dancer, whichever you prefer!                  

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