Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello Friends

Hello! wow, it seems like a month of Sundays since my last post. I have had so much going on here at home, that I simply have not had the time to manage my own blog, nor to visit any of yours! I hope to visit you all soon.In the meanwhile, here are a few of the dolls I have listed presently on ebay, as well as a couple previously sold. As always, you can click on my ebay button to see what is available now!

  The new year is bringing many changes for me and my family already..some good, and some not. Rather than making this a dreary post, I opt to simply leave it at that. I hope you are all doing great, I think about many of you often, wishing you only lifes best. keep smiling..and know God hears us!


Kai said...

Chris, I am in the process of an email to you. Had SO much editing this past week PLUS a guest for 5 days, so tho' you've been on my mind all the time, I wanted to wait till I could REALLY answer. Expect an email later today! LOVE YOU SO MUCH & love, love, love the new pieces! Those tiny babies blow my mind! How on EARTH can you make something that TINY look so REAL???? WOW!!!

maddyrose said...

Christel, I love these new little dolls. Each one of them has so much character and personality and the fact they are so small makes it all the more amazing.
Your posts still aren't appearing on my blog reader and my blog list says that your last post was 10 months ago. I wonder what changed?! Have a good day. xoxox