Thursday, September 5, 2013

~ Minnies Magic Garden

      Minnies Magic Garden

     Just down the path from Storybook Lane, is a 
magical little 
place known as Happy
Tiny gnome houses, filled with plump little gnomes, 
are all 
lined up in neat little rows.
 Mushroom cottages, and their bright colors ,
sprinkle the 
wooded woods, and are filled 
with happy little pixies!
In one of these Happy Hollow cottages, 
lives a sweet tiny 
pixie girl. She is considered very special,
gifted even....Her name is MINNIE 

    You see, Minnie has a very special talent. She has
 a green thumb.
 Actually, Minnie has two green thumbs, and 
everything Minnie touches..grows! 
 Ever since Minnie was just a wee pixie baby,
 she could make things grow. 
If Minnie threw a stick down on the ground,
it would soon grow into a beautiful tree!


Minnie loved flowers and plants for as long as she
 could remember, and her dream
 was to have her very own garden..a magic garden!
                                                 She began planning, 
and planting. First she built a sweet
 little picket fence, perfect to surround her garden. 
gathered up her favorite planting tools,
 her basket, the prettiest one ever, and her favorite
watering can! Minnies grandma had
 given her the can when she was just a wee sprout 
herself, and she always watered 
everything with it! Grandma said Minnie had the 
magic touch, and the water would
 help her dream come true! 



 Minnie then made  her very first yard ornament, 
she took an old fence post, and a small
 bird house she had built, and wrapped it in wire..not 
quite she needs something!
 Ahh yes, perfect, a small sign with her name! Now, 
everyone will know, this is Minnies Garden!


Well, Minnie thought, I should really plant something!
 What will be first? She noticed some tiny seedlings 
she had planted were beginning to
 come up. She though, "I will just pot these three,
 and see what grows!
 Sure enough, and  in no time at all, she saw three 
tiny faces! Wow Minnie thought, I have potted Pixies!

      Then Minnie found a small bean pod she had placed
 on her garden table, she wondered what the pod would 
grow. She stuck her green thumb
 in the dirt, and made a hole, she placed the pod in, 
and covered it up, she sprinkled a little magic water
on it, and out popped a magic bean sprout Sprite!


      Minnie saw two red ripe apples on the wagon,
 and decided to try to plant the apple seeds. She watered
 them, patted down the dirt...and nothing!
 Then she remembered the green thumb, "better stick
 it in for good measure
she thought , and to her surprise, and joy, appeared
 apple bottomed babies! 
Right there in her garden..little fairy babies, with
tiny round, apple bottoms! 


         Minnie had sprinkled so many seeds, and 
watered just about every inch of her magical little 
garden, that she nearly forgot to check on
 the vine she had transplanted. There, next to the
 fence had bloomed tiny dancing fairies!
They were giggling at her! :)


     Right beside the dancing fairies were 
the snap dragons she
 had sewn, and now they were little 
Happy Snap Dragon blooms! :)

     As Minnie looked around, her dream had
 indeed came true. She had a magical, 
and beautiful garden. A true one of a kind garden too!
 She could only think of one last thing to plant
..she thought "maybe I will try my thumbs 
at a melon patch". So she took one melon,
 watered it, and placed it gently on top of a 
mound of dirt, and waited..the next
 morning Minnie  was all smiles when she saw that 
she now had grown her very own
Melon Patch Kids!!

   Minnies dream had come true, she had 
two green thumbs,
   and the most beautiful, 
 magical garden ever! 

I had so much fun creating Minnie, 
and her accessories! 

I Hope you enjoy this magical little story! 

Minnie was inspired by my mother,
 also named Minnie!

Just like my story, my mom can 
put a stick in the

ground, and magically, it will grow
 into something 

beautiful! My mom recently gave
 me this tiny 

watering can, and said maybe
 you can use this when you make
 a little FaeWee*

Funny how sometimes the
 smallest things

can provide such huge inspiration!
 Thank you Mom, 

Love Christel

Minnie and All her garden pieces will be listed
on eBay starting  Thursday evening at 6 pm Central
I hope you will go see her auction!
eBay button is at the top right of this page!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What a magical garden this is, and Minnie is simply adorable! I love her sweet expression.. Such an enormous amount of work here.. Exquisite workmanship my dear friend, and I LOVED the story.
I know she will do very well on Ebay.
Love and blessings,

Christel said...

Dear Penny, thank you my sweet friend for stopping in to see Minnie! I enjoyed creating this set very much, and am hoping to start on another soon! I have an idea for a bird.. No telling where this might take me :) haha xoxo Christel

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Yes, you have outdone yourself, Christel!! How ever will you be able to part with this sweet group of garden friends?! This set tickles me to no end, because I can see you are having lots of FUN while 'working' ever lovingly, Rose

Christel said...

Dear Rose, it is great to wake up to not one, but two wonderful, and supportive messages from you! I did have so much fun creating Minnie, and I could have carried on and on with endless garden creatures, and far friends! Thank you so much for coming to visit, and your prayers. Xoxo Christel

Dessa Rae Greenwood said...

Hi Christel,

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments...

I love Minnie and her beautiful garden...she has such a darling little personality..You are an a
amazing artist!!

Dessa Rae

Dessa Rae Greenwood said...

YAY!! The link to your blog now works. It wouldn't work for the longest time.
I forgot to mention that before...
Dessa Rae

Christel said...

Dear Dessa, thank you for your visit as well! I don't know why it wasn't working, or what exactly I did to make it work again, but I am so happy it does! :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh my sweet dear Friend, your work intrigues me! I so wish we were closer so I could come and play in this magical yard.
do you ever sleep or, just stay up in your little world creating?

Thank you for always keeping me in mind when you create something new!
Christel, do you have a huge room you create in, or just one so organized that you can create and pack away! I imagine you with this little cottage out back of your home with this sweet path taking you to a door that opens to a world of little, I know I sure would have a guest cottage out back that houses all my wee ones :)

Lots of creative magic your way.


Christel said...

Dear Dore, Thank you for your comments. It is always great to hear from you, and I appreciate your constant encouragement. You saw directly into my dream, a little cottage just behind my house, where all the Pixies and Fairies play and dance together. I will someday have just such a place, hopefully, but for now, I create in what was once my daughters bedroom. She is in her graduate year at Murray State University, and when she moved out, I "took over", and "claimed" her room as my little make shift art studio. It has one small closet, and the room is just yes, it is packed full..overspilling most days with material, knick knack what nots,,and oh yes..dollies! XOXOX Christel