Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Special edition FAEWEE* and SteamPunk Machine!

Hello friends! This is special edition FaeWee8 and his Steampunk Machine! Some of you may have noticed, I am creating fewer FaeWees* these days. I created this little guy specifically for his Steampunk Machine! The last photo shows raw materials used in creating this contraption. I had so much fun making this machine. The idea came from a leather cup of all things! Funny how a cup could inspire all of this! :) Hope you enjoy the photos, to see more check out my eBay, they will be listed for sale tonight, through Sunday. XOXOXO Christel SOLD


The Old Maid said...

Great FeaWee and his machine! Great works Christal! And yes, sometimes all these things just wait to be properly used!;)

Christel said...

Thanks so much Ewa! I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how I could use different little trinkets and baubles!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my word!!!!
Christel, What a fantastic steamPunk this is... A leather cup for inspiration.. Funny you know, how one little thing can inspire us, and a cup of all things.. This is unbelievable
And your Faewee, must not forget..
Adorable as always...

Yes, dear friend, I think you winning was meant to be... What goes around comes around.
Best wishes on Ebay...

Christel said...

Hi Penny! Thank you so much for coming to see my silliness! I have ALL kinds of ideas now, thanks to a simple cup! lol xoxox Christel

Burlap Luxe said...

I love steampunk, such a big fan of this movement, I too would love to create something crazy and strange but, beautiful to the creator :)
Love your steam punk machine, kind of a modern collection reminding me of Chitty chatty bang bang!
Your creative mind works overtime my dear, and so flag you visited reminding me I have to return to see what you are up to.
Yes, yes, yes, I am crazy over your steam punk machine and your new redhead :)

Thank you for all your creativeness we love so.
See you soon beautiful