Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The ~ Cowardly Lion ~

Hello friends, thank you all for your recent visits! Well, this is my version of the Cowardly Lion! I think he turned out pretty well, in hindsight, I would have preferred his head a slight bit smaller, and body a slight bit taller. But you get the jist! :) SOLD


The Old Maid said...

Great work Christel! I am sure your customer is very happy person to have them all from you! :)

Christel said...

Dear Ewa,Thank you so much. I am happy with the work I have done. It was really less work, more fun! :) xoxo Christel

Ilona said...

Christel, this is gorgeous work :D! I say it again, I love their clear eyes, they are the soul of a creature, don't you think ;)?! His hair is so beautifully done, so lush! I'm sure that your customer will be delighted to see her new dolls.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment, I'm very happy with it :D! I fully agree with you that Pat is a lovely person and friend.
Kind regards, Ilona

Christel said...

llona, Thank you! I am so happy to be getting to know you!