Tuesday, December 2, 2014

~ Sorcerer ~

Hi friends. Just wanted to share a couple of photos of my latest work. He is listed on ebay now if you would like to see additional photos. xoxo Christel ( SOLD)


The Old Maid said...

Great face! Beautiful work Christel! :)

Christel said...

Thank You Ewa! I had this vision for quite some time, and happily, he turned out very close to that! Have a wonderful week, Thank you so much for stopping in! xoxox Christel

Ilona said...

I don't know if a sorcerer can be beautiful, because this one is gorgeous :D! He has a wonderful expression on his face, Christel, that's fantastic work! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures of him.
Hugs, Ilona

Christel said...

Dear Ilona, thank you so much! I also like his face, and always worry that sometimes, my male figures look too feminine. He has weathered grace.., and some sort of magical understanding to his look, that's the best description I can think of! :) Thanks so much. xox Christel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

CHRISTEL! He is amazing!!!! I love the expression on his face..
Oh, I can't even get the words out. Such detailed workmanship.
Bravo, dear friend.

Thank you so much for your beautiful words about my Angel.
I will post when she is completed.
love and blessings,

Christel said...

Dear Penny, you are an angel for so many of us. So many days are brightened because of your love and support. I treasure your friendship! Much love, Christel