Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Female Forest Elven Archer

wow, seems like its been a month! Hello everyone, I am happy to show you what I have been working on. She is listed on ebay now if you would like to see many more pictures. Hope you are all good. We are snowed in here in Ky. Our first snow of the season, and we have 2 inches of ice, covered by 8 inches of snow, and live on a road that the county, or state does not plow! No worries, I married a truck driver, come rain shine, or snow, he'll get us there! xoxoxo Christel


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Christel,
I absolutely LOVE your Forest Elven Archer! You have an excellent concept of the human form. Not an easy task, I must say. She is beautiful.

You stay bundled up and warm.. Good gosh that is a lot of snow.

Ilona said...

Hi Christel! Your Forest Elven Archer is excellent work, she is so life-like and beautiful :D!
We also had some snow, but in comparison with your snowfall, we just got one small snow flake ;)! Stay warm and make more of these wonderful characters to share with us :D!
Warm hug, Ilona

Christel said...

Hi Penny! Great to hear from you this morning. We have yet more snow overnight, and expecting frozen mix Thursday night, and Friday night! Eekks

Christel said...

Dear llona, thanks so much for your comment. Glad you don't have all this mess.

contar said...

sus personajes tienen una vida impresionante, me encantan
un abrazo

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Christel,
Hope you are doing well. :)
Your Forest Elven Archer is Amazing!
Love her red hair and her outfit.
You are so talented!

Christel said...

Dear Contar, I am very happy to see you here at my blog! It has been awhile since either of us have visited. I took a peek at your magical caravan! I love it! Christel

Dear Norma, thank you as well. I have to come and see what you have been up to lately. I appreciate your very sweet comment. xoxo Christel

Dessa Rae Greenwood said...

Hi Christel,
Love your Forest Elven Archer.
I always love the earthy colors that you choose. She is beautiful!!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!
P.S. I am so jealous that you have snow..we haven't had any all winter, it's like spring here in Utah.....
Dessa Rae