Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cats, cats, and more cats!

 Hi Friends, as you can see, I have been busy making cats! I started with plastic models, shaved down, and simply furred, but decided to sculpt them by hand, and I think I am improving with each new one! I am loving the process, it's fun, and the collectors seem to enjoy them. Hope you are all wonderful, and are looking forward to spring, I know I am! xoxox Christel

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Ilona said...

Hi Christel! I bet you're a cat lover?! For me unfortunately no cats, but dogs, cause I'm very allergic to real life ;O! I think that all of your new made cats are wonderful, but I especially love the white one, who's playing on the piece of cloth. He/she is too cute :)!
Today here we have a bit warmer weather, but after tomorrow the weatherforecast tells us that the winter is coming back again. So, I guess we have to wait a bit longer for spring will come here.
It's nice to read that you're doing fine and longing for spring!
Hugs, ilona