Monday, September 27, 2010

FaeWees, and an added feature to the listings!

Good morning!  First of all, I need to apologise for not getting to everyone over the weekend.  We all have our crosses to bear, and this past week,  LIFE happened big at our house! I hope to get back on track this week, and stop in to visit each of you. I'm sure you will understand, just as I would...too much "stuff" too little time.  Now for this weeks FaeWees! I have added a small feature to each of the FaeWee listings on ebay. A short bio describing each character, or thier purpose at A Far Place.  This week, in order of appearance we have, Noodles, Wilda, Tucker, Lani, Andy, and a special Edition Elder. He is a special edition, because I will not create many elders..this is Farquardt!

To read the short bios, please visit the ebay auctions  xoxoox Christel

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