Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Friends

OMG!!! My blog is so messed up! If anyone can see I have updated with a new post...PLEASE send me a message..I seem to be lost in blogger space!


Kai said...

YOU ARE TOTALLY VISIBLE, LIL' CHRIS!!! I seeeeeee you! And I LOVE both your new creations! That teeny posable baby in the last post? ADORABLE!!! And your newest? Fabulous! Not only do I SEE you, dearheart, I am bowing to you! XXXOOO!

OOAKFairyland said...

Hi Christel,

I'm so sorry your blog is all messed up! I can no longer see when you post at all. I tried to take you off my blog list and put you back on hoping that this might fix the problem. It said that there was no blog feed...what ever in the world that also said I would not be able to see your posts and asked if I still wanted to add you anyway. I said yes and now you are in the very bottom of my list and it looks like from my blog that you've never posted. I can still click on your blog name but there isn't a post title any more. Maybe this will help you to track down the problem. Good luck, my friend....oh, and by the way - I love your two new little ones...they are precious!!


Ascension said...

Hola Christel
En otra entrada de tu blog, ya te lo he dicho.
Tus trabajos nuevos no me suben a mi blog.
He venido porque he visto tus trabajos en otro blog.
Me encanta esta parejita, son una verdadera maravilla.
besitos ascension

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Good morning, Christel! I am enjoying the luxury of a pot of coffee while waiting for the oatmeal to slowly cook on the stove...and decided to spend a few treasured moments to visit some friends. So, here I am and what a joy to meet your BABIES and new Faewees!! Isn't dollhouse size fun? And challenging! Your children are just growing sweeter and sweeter.
I kindly thank you for adding the sweetener to my coffee this morning...lovingly, Rose

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Christel
Ok... I see I am not the only one that is having trouble seeing your new posts... Also, I had left a comment here days ago and it is not here. Well this is a fine mess. I sure hope this all gets corrected Christel.. The last post shown on my dashboard from you is your Easter one! So I have been just clicking your name to find a new post..
I JUST LOVE your little ones here... I agree with dear Rose, they are just growing sweeter nd sweeter!
Love to you this beautiful day

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Christel
Oh my... I don't know what is going on..
NOW I SEE YOUR NEW POST on my dashboard... but it says Christel at NOWHERE next to the photo and that is where it took me.. But you were not there.
I know you have a beautiful creation but I cannot get to it.. gezzzzzz..
I am so sorry you are having such trouble with this.
I will try again later, maybe it will work itself out.

maddyrose said...

I would have told you how sweet I thought these two little faewees were if I'd known they were here. Christel, I sure hope this blog mess of yours gets straightened out soon. xoxo

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Happy fourth dear friend.
Thank you for your kind words about Darby and you most welcome visit.
Love and blessings,