Wednesday, July 4, 2012

African American Dollhouse Miniatures

Hello everyone! Well, Many Many thanks go to Madame Samm, once again, she has saved my butt! Thanks to her, I can now be seen, and my updates should be showing! My blog was a mess, and she fixed me..I knew where to go, just hated to ask her, shes always so busy..I think she has cloned herself
Now that you can see me, I hope you will take a few minutes, and look at what I have been doing these past couple of months, I had been posting all along, just could not be seen! Today I wanted to share with all of you my latest dollhouse miniatures in 1:12 scale. I am loving creating African American dolls. There doesn't seem to be many artist creating them, and I am getting better with each try! I have created these four this week, and will list them on Ebay Saturday at 6 pm central. If you would like to see all of the photos, please visit their auctions then. My favorite in this little bunch is the third little girl, with two tiny teeth, and her little pompom hairdo! Hope you enjoy them, will love hearing from you all! I will be visiting you soon as well, I am so behind on what you have all been up to! xoxox Christel


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

No, my dear friend... Your NEW posts are still not showing up on MY dashboard, but if I click your blog name it brings me to your new post... Is is just my dashboard that it's not showing up on now?
Anyway, I LOVE YOUR LITTLE ONES HERE.. Your talent truly amazes me Christel... They are so sweet and TINY.... I thought that I worked small but these are amazing.
Love and blessings to you, and thank you for coming over.

Unknown said...

Hi Christel,

On my favorite blogs gadget when I try to upload your blog url, it says that the url is not available and that it will appear on my list but will not update new posts...sorry

Love the new creations!!

Dessa Rae

Kai said...

Picture my big Comanche mouth WIDE OPEN! Lil' Chris, how do you DO that??? You must have the most flexible fingers ANYWHERE to create such tiny people!!! They're just PERFECTION!!!! Kinda like YOU, my friend! LOVE YOU!

Christel said...

Dessa, and Penny, Madame Samm told me perhaps it is that we are using different browsers? I am now on Goggle Chrome, if you are too, I don't know what the problem is..she said maybe if you are using the old blogger interface it won't let you see my new posts in your dashboard. I appreciate you stopping by to see me, especially knowing it must be a hassle to hunt me down. xoxo Christel

Christel said...

Dear Kai, I'm glad you can see me, and appreciate you always leaving such great comments! You make my head xoxo Chris

maddyrose said...

Christel you're still not showing up but your site isn't the only one that isn't. I just had another blog I follow show up with 25 back posts all at once 7 hours ago. Now that I know there's a problem I'll just click your blog name every day or so and I'll still be able to see what you've posted. Have a great weekend sweetie. Hugs

Ascension said...

Es un fantastico trabajo, esta nueva serie de muñecos africanos.
Eres una gran artista.
besitos ascension

Christel said...

Dear Ascension, Thank you, you are always so sweet to everyone! It makes my day to see you have been here! xoxo Christel