Friday, July 20, 2012

More Dollhouse Miniatures & FaeWees*

Hello! These are a few more dollies I made in this past week or so.. This first little girl is by far my favorite dollhouse doll I have made in a long time! I think she is just the sweetest little girl. hope you do too. I named her Paisley. All of these dolls are listed on my eBay right now if you would like to see more pictures. Thanks so much for stopping in to see me.   Kai, thank you so much for the Birthday made me laugh hysterically, and I needed that right now! You are such a great friend, getting that in the mail this morning made my day!


Kai said...

Okay! THIS IS JUST SOOOOOO UNFAIR, you know! How on earth am I supposed to choose my favorite if ALL of your dolls are my favorites?Seriously, it's CRUEL!!!! LOL! You KNOW how I feel about your amazing talent & creativity, Chris - it's mind-boggling! I will never, as long as I live, understand how you make those teeny dolls come so alive. Do I love Paisley? OH, YEAH! But I love them ALL. And I love YOU! Hope you had an awesome birthday becaus YOU are awesome! (And I am GLAD you liked the card. Bwahahaha!)

maddyrose said...

I love Paisley and all of the other little darlings that you create. Each and every one of them is a delightful work of art. You have to be one of the best of the doll artists out there who works at creating doll house size dolls. They may be tiny but they have so much personality that they appear much larger. I have yet to see one of your dolls that I haven't fallen in love with or didn't want to own. Christel, you're work is amazing. xoxo

Jonny J Petros said...

Hi Christel, Your work is just amazing I love Paisley she has such a sweet shy personality. You always do magnificant work and I love the personalities each doll has which to me makes them seem so real! Sincerely, Jonny

Johanna said...

Hello Christel,
What a lovely surprise to look at your blog again and find the latest entries.
Paisley is adorable! She has a lovely expression and I love her hair too!
I will keep popping back to see your lovely work.

Love Johanna

Gill said...

Hi Christal, You've been so busy! Once I start looking at your photos I can easily lose a lot of time! Your little people are so beautiful. For me, I love to see your children, without fairy ears as they suit my needs better. Your room settings are perfect. Everyone dreamy, soft and kind, I don't know anyone who captures this look in the way that you do. xx