Friday, August 10, 2012

Dolls, and room box!

Hello friends! Wow, it has been awhile since my last post. No, I haven't retired from dollmaking..haha never! I have just been really busy with some family issues, and also making dolls. I just decided to post these all together, most of them have already sold, but at least you can see what I've been up to. A few dollhouse miniatures both black and white, even a dolls doll!as well as a couple fairy babies, and a FaeWee* or two thrown in! The last picture is the start of my newest little endeavor..doll room boxes, I'm making these specifically for photo purposes.. I needed a place to take pictures of my dollhouse miniatures, and what better than a scale sized room? I have finished this first room, complete with windows, wall hangings ect..and the second room is near completion. I will post pictures of both rooms when they are both finished.


Kai said...

OMG, Chris! THERE you are! I'm taking a mini-vacation from blogging & answering blogs AND emailing - but I'm still READING blogs. And I had you at the TOP of my to-do list today. Seriously! It says, "CHECK ON CHRIS!" So I am truly relieved to see you. And you've definitely been busy! What a wonderful collection of new darlings! The doll box idea is also wonderful - genius, in fact! Your 'babies' are right at home in their beautiful, cozy surroundings! I've missed you & worried that you were sick or something so I'm HAPPY now that I know you're okay! LOOOOOVE YOU!

maddyrose said...

Christel, these are such darling little people and the room box settings are put together perfectly. It does make a difference when photographing your sweet little creations. It makes them seem even more alive. I'd thought of putting together a couple of settings in which to photograph my dolls but never followed through with it but now after seeing what you've done here I'm going to give it more thought. Hope all if well with you. xoxo

miniature dollhouse tiny doll said...

They're a little eerie but beautiful. They look like something from that new paranorman movie. My one inch scale miniature hand made dolls

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Christel,
This is so odd.. I keep checking the dashboard for your new posts.. Everytime I click it takes me to your Easter post! When you just left me that beautiful comment, THANK YOU, I just clicked on your name and it brought me here. grrrrr..
I was just going to sit down and email you.. I will do that now.

Your dolls are so ADORABLE Christel. You always amaze me with your craftmanship and the attention to details..

So happy you enjoyed my kitchen.. What a project that was, I thought I would never finish. The window is coming along, almost done.
Love and blessings dear friend

Madame Samm said...

Ok Absolutely stunning Christel..and the rooms are perfect, you forget these little wee creations of yours are not life size...looking forward to seeing the dollhouse complete...but already I am sew darned impressed!