Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a great week so far. I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of this sweet little boy I created. He is just 4 inches tall total height, and is 1:12 scale. I like his sweet smile, and tennis shoes! XOXOX Christel


maddyrose said...

Christel, this little boy is delightful and reminds me of my grandson Donovan when he was small. He had the same white blond hair and sweet smile as this little fellow and if I remember correctly he even had those tennis shoes. Once again you've created something that any collector would love to own. Have a wonderful day my dear friend. xoxox

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Christel,
Just look at this little sweetheart.. He is simply adorable, and so small.
Beautiful work my dear friend..

Keeping you in my thoughts Christel.
Love to you and family

Burlap Luxe said...

I hope my visit finds all things well with you my sweet friend.
Love this sweet little boy, he needs a name, like Oliver, or Caleb, or Jack. There is something about him that draws me in to ask him what's your name little one?

Your hands that create touch our hearts with your soulful creations. I have been busy adding to my etsy more theatres, and have been pleased with great materials and salvage finds. It's the finds that make creating that much more exciting much like you Christel I am sure something inspires you like a snippet of fabric and out comes a little one dressed in it.

See you and your little wee ones soon.


Kai said...

I wish I had a REAL little boy just LIKE him! How on EARTH do human fingers create such magical, tiny figures? And the SHOES???? I'm SPEECHLESS. (Yes, Chris. Even THIS big talker can be rendered mute by the amazing figures you bring to life! LOL!) In case you don't already know this, I love you & I'm thinking of you & always keeping you in my prayers! Feel the hugs I'm sending!!!

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Dearest Christel,
I was up early this morning getting ready to go to church, but I stop and prayed for you... I know the Spirit of God was calling me to, so I obeyed ,grin!

I am so happy to see your dollhouse kids christel.... They are so sweet....grin

Love you.....

Jacqueline said...

Hi Chris!

He is so cute, you never make anything that comes even short of cute and adorable!

Thinking of you with love and affection! I'd love another family update when you have a minute! I'm hoping and praying life has settled down and you are in peace.