Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kymmee A Harajuku styled girl from beginning to finish! WIP

Hello friends! Feeling better here, things are still in an uproar with the family situation we have been going through, but I am trying to  think positive, and keep praying, so I have faith He will guide us through.

Now, exciting news! I wanted to do a pictorial of one of my dolls from beginning to end, but forgot to take pictures here and there along the way, so instead of an actual tutorial, I am just showing you the stages of creating Kymmee, my Harajuku styled Asian girl! Hope you enjoy the photos. xoxo Christel

My original idea was to do a shcool girl type uniform, with punk styled attire, instead, after seeing the pose, I decided to go all out, and create a Harajuku styled girl! Here is a lumpy start..:)

Kymmee has only one leg, and one arm, thus far. As you can see, she is sculpted over a tape and wire armature, she will be 9 inches tall in completion..one of my largest pieces.

Kymmee now has a head!

Tiny details are beginning to emerge, rings, and body art "tattoos"

She needs some under garments, don't you think? A pretty pair of lace panties for Kymmee!

During the process, there are often times trial and error mishaps, in this case, the green wasn't working for Kymmee, and so a happy accident soon came afterward!

Much better with the corset, and soft pink blouse, don't you think?
I made these stockings for Kymmee too! They have a tattooed print! Perfect for Harajuku!

I have to thank two very unique, and wonderful artists for my shoe making abilities, Patricia Cabrera, Pat once told me how much collectors appreciate fine details like leather shoes, and she sent me a box of soft leather! This white leather was in that box! The laces were created using very small elastic! Worked great!Thank you Pat, I love you my sister :0 and secondly, Mr. Mark Dennis! Of course my skills do not compare (YET haha ) to Marks, but his tutorials on his blog, are so helpful for artists wanting to also learn the "art" of creating realistic, beautiful clothing, and shoes! Thank you Mark, your work is so inspiring, and Amazing!

Kymmee is almost fully dressed, and has her make up done..she needs some hair!

Can you see the body art? Tiny white flowers, and jewels!

Never too much or too many details when dressing Harajuku style!

A Lovely profile, don't you think? 

                                                                           more details

yet more detailing, a pretty flower ring for Kymmee

                                                 she is completely finished under her dress too!

I present Kymmee, completed, photos taken in natural light, and in a makeshift studio!
Kymmee stands freely, without the use of a doll stand, Learning to balance and distribute the dolls weight takes a lot of practice!this was a chore, but well worth the time! In her hand, is a hand painted Asian style umbrella, with cherry blossoms, it is pink and white!


The Old Maid said...

She's cute! Nice work Christel! Never mind forgotten photos! :)

maddyrose said...

You never fail to amaze me with your skill and attention to the smallest of details. I could spend hours looking at photos of your dolls. Kymmee is an absolutley beautiful example of how talented you are. Each of the details of her costuming, body decorations and jewelry join together to become a stunning work of art. She is beautiful Christel and you should feel very proud of her. Xoxox

Kai said...

Chris, that's so far beyond beautiful and impressive, this WORD PERSON cannot describe it! Your Kymmee is remarkable. AND GORGEOUS! But her CREATOR is doubly remarkable and (and definitely doubly gorgeous!) I just love YOU, & I love seeing every single piece you create!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Exquisite!!! I do believe she is now my favorite.. Such beautiful details Christel, and those shoes, perfection.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers dear friend

Karin said...

She is lovely Christel and I LOVE those little boots.
Hope you are well xx