Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lord of the Manor 6" male sculpture

My latest sculpture listed on ebay now.


The Old Maid said...

I do love his outfit! Great work Christel! And his face is cute!:)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Christel,
I just LOVE the Lord of the Manor!
He has such expression, and what a fantastic job you have done on his costume! Wishing you the very best on his auction.
Love and blessings dear friend,

Christel said...

Thanks Ewa! I again, was going for a totally different look, but didn't quite get there. I do appreciate you stopping in, and your comment! Have a great day, xoxox Christel

Christel said...

Hi Penny, great to see you too! I am getting frustrated..I want to create a more masculine looking male, and it isn't happening for me, that's why this lil guy happened. I thought his face looked a bit feminine, perfect for a young Lord,his expression seemed a bit somber, and maybe even a bit snooty.. I guess! I also appreciate your comments,you are always so sweet. Have a great day! xoxoxo Christel

Jackie Jaggers said...

Chris, I am back! It's Jackie from Once Upon a Fairyland blogging again. Oh, how I've missed you and Nowhere and all the fun we've had in blogging. It's been over a year.
Blogging still from Jacquelines-land.blogspot.com and my business blog which is Dingbatalleyartblog.blogspot.com