Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Male Elf

Wanted to share a commissioned piece I completed yesterday This is a 9" sculpture. These are the largest I personally create. Hope you are having a great week! xoxox Christel


Rhissanna said...

Oh, he's gorgeous!

The Old Maid said...

He has such a handsome face! Pretty work Christel!

Steinworks said...

He looks very young, like he's ready to become a man..great work

Christel said...

Thank you Rhissanna! So nice to see you. I appreciate your comment. Have a great day, Christel

Hi Ewa, thank you as well! I am happy with his outcome, however, I am trying to make a more rugged looking male, instead of the feminine looking elfs. I like them as well, but need to E X P A N D my horizons..teehee Thanks for stopping in, always lovely to see you! xoxo Christel

Hi Marisa, thank you for the comment. I appreciate input from all of my fellow artists! Have a great day, Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. Christel, I am so amazed at the details that you are achieving and continue to produce in your work. He is lovely, and what a wonderful commission! Thank you my dear, for coming to visit! I hope you are experiencing spring? We are finally feeling a little warmer, but this weekend it's back to 20 degrees. HELP!

Much love to you, Anita

Christel said...

Dear Anita, thank you for visiting, and for your comments, they are truly appreciated. xoxo Christel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Christel,
Exquisite, truly it is!!!!
I have only seen two artist's out there ( in my opinion) that can create a male figure that ~does not~ have a feminine look.. YOU, are one of them.. This is something I don't think I would every even attempt.. You just amaze me Christel.
Thank you for your kind words about my attempt at painting in wool.. Oh! and for sharing that tutorial on felting hands.. Now I just use one piece of wire for all the fingers (bend and place) this looks much easier than what I am doing.. I must try it..
Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Christel said...

Hi Penny! so glad to see you here. Hope all is well with you, I have been wondering if everything is ok? Thank you so much for your comments, they always give me the "big head" :) xoxo much love,Christel